Legal Or Not, Drones Fly Over Nashville
Image via YouTube user VaporVideo

Legal Or Not, Drones Fly Over Nashville

To pilot a drone in Tennessee is to wander into legal gray area. Steering clear of existing regulations aimed at commercial use and privacy concerns is far from straight forward. The Federal Aviation Administration is expected to clarify federal rules at some point, while farmers are waiting to hear if they’ll be allowed to use them to survey crops.

But legal ambiguity didn’t stop Nashvillian Robert Hartline from famously flying one right into the city’s 4th of July fireworks display to capture this — now widely seen — video:

Hartline isn’t the only one whose drone escapades hide in plain sight on YouTube. Here, someone selling property on 32nd Ave. S. uses a drone to demonstrate what a second-story rooftop balcony view would look like:

This drone explores an empty and dark LP Field. The description reads “Flew into the Tennessee Titans stadium, dropped down and flew through the goal post for three points! Twice!”

Here we have a drone tour of the Bi-Centennial Mall:

And this man demonstrates how to fly one in his Nashville driveway:

If you decide to get yourself a drone, this “drone fails” compilation will show you how NOT to fly it:

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