Judge Hands Victory To Developer Planning Tallest Building In Green Hills

A rendering of the proposed 17-story tower in Green Hills.
A rendering of the proposed 17-story tower in Green Hills.

A judge today delivered a victory to developers planning a 17-story tower across from Trader Joe’s in Green Hills. The ruling helps the project leap over a legal hurdle and carry on with construction. It includes thousands of square feet for stores, restaurants and offices — and nearly 300 apartments.

The Green Hills Neighborhood Association sued the developers in the project, claiming that the tall building violated an urban design overlay and conflicted with an ordinance governing height restrictions.

Attorney Peter Curry, who is representing the Green Hills neighbors, said he’s weighing whether to appeal.

“The developer prevailed at this hearing today,” Curry said. “No question about that.”

The Metro Planning Department approved the designed of the project, and the judge on Wednesday backed up that blessing. Originally, the building was set to be 22 stories, but the builders scaled it back to 17 after backlash from the community.

Curry said the project, which would be the tallest building in Green Hills, touched a nerve with residents.

“I’m not sure I would classify anything involved in this as emotional,” Curry said. “I would, however, feel safe in saying that my clients believe a 17-story tower at the corner of Richard Jones Road and Hillsboro Pike is out of place.”

The Franklin-based developer, Michael McMally of Southern Land Co., didn’t return a call seeking comment.

Bobby Allyn

Bobby Allyn is a reporter with WPLN. Reach him at ballyn@wpln.org
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