Schools Director Hears Concerns about budget, rezoning

Parents peppered new Metro Schools Director Jesse Register with questions about the district’s bleak budget and new rezoning plan.

Hillwood parents spent an hour last night questioning Register. Hillwood is among the schools at the heart of the rezoning issue that’s sparked concern over re-segregation.

Under the plan, kids from lower income North Nashville that were being bused to the more affluent Hillwood area, will now have the option of going to school within their neighborhood or staying at Hillwood.

Parent Randy Shemin came to the meeting with a two part question for Dr. Register.

SHEMIN:“Number one: does anyone know whether this rezoning is going to cost more money than is spent now per moving kids around on buses and such?

DR. REGISTER: “Yes, it will.”

SHEMIN: “Well, that kind of makes me not want to even ask the second question.”

The rezoning plan is expected to cost Metro up to $6 million to implement. Some parents question where this money will come from at a time when the budget shortfall for Metro Schools is expected to be more than $10 million.

Register says the rezoning plan is a top priority in the budget. He’s hoping President Obama’s stimulus package will help provide much needed funds for Metro Schools.

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