New Walk of Fame

Nashville will now honor its musical heritage with a Music City Walk of Fame.

Permanent sidewalk medallions featuring the names of musicians, singers, songwriters, producers and music industry executives, will line a section of Demonbreun Street from the Schermerhorn Symphony Center to Music Row.

The Walk of Fame is part of an effort by the Nashville Convention and Visitors Bureau to brand this area as the “Music City Mile.”

Singer Gunnar Nelson of the pop-metal band Nelson says he appreciates that the Walk of Fame will celebrate the diversity of music in Nashville. He thinks when people begin visiting the medallions, they’ll have a special experience.

“I mean music is memories for people and when they are looking down at a star and they are thinking of one of their favorite stars, it takes them back to a time when perhaps a particular song meant something to them, maybe the song they got married to, or something from their high school days, and it’s amazing. Music is like a time machine.”


The Foundation of the Convention and Visitors Bureau has established an anonymous committee to review nominations. If the nominee is selected the sponsors are expected to pay a $7,500 fee for the creation and installation of the star.

The first inductions to the Walk of Fame are expected this November.

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