Airport Sees Delays after Security Upgrade

Nashville’s International Airport experienced an increase in delays this afternoon after the security level increased for all flights.

This morning, travelers waited in line for nearly half an hour, more than twice the usual amount of time. By midday lines were near normal.

The Transportation Security Administration is prohibiting liquids to be carried onto planes. You can bring beverages, lotion, or hair gel, but only if you check it with your luggage.

Nashville Federal Security Director David Beecroft says after some initial frustration passengers readily submitted to the changes.

“A light bulb came on and they knew that this was not a game. It was not just a ramp up in security for practice or for a test, you know, this is the real thing.”

Green Hills residents Ken and Anne Pinkston arrived at the airport 3 hours early today to see off family members. They poured out the apple juice from their grandchild’s sippy cup into the airport trashcan before their family was screened. They say the precautions are noticeable and worth it.

“The police dogs are walking around with their handlers and so obviously a little more security. Any thing is worth it on security always, we are always tolerant of that, we just allow enough time.”

Security Director Beecroft called in over two dozen extra TSA officers today to help with screening and security. He says tomorrow will likely be even busier, since Fridays are traditional travel days.

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