Frist behind Corker in Senate race

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Bill First’s decision to step down has drawn national attention to who will take his spot in Tennessee. Republican Bob Corker will face off against Democrat Harold Ford Jr. in November. Both men won their primary last night.

Frist says he’ll begin campaigning for Corker tomorrow.

“I will be very, very visual. My legacy over the last 12 years will be determined by that occupant and it is absolutely critical, and I know this as leader of the United States Senate today, that we have someone in that seat that will be representing those conservative, Republican values, and the contrast will be there.”


Frist praises Corker’s conservative views and describes Ford as a “Washington insider.”

Frist says early next year he will decide if he wants to serve the public one on one as a physician or run for political office, possibly at the national level.

Ford poised himself for the senate race last night with a large fundraiser featuring Former President Bill Clinton.

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