Move Over Law Strengthened

Fines are going up for drivers who fail to give emergency vehicles proper space. Tennessee’s “Move Over” law took effect two years ago. It requires drivers to move over or slow down if they can’t change lanes when approaching an emergency vehicle on the side of the road.

Since the law was enacted, a highway patrol officer, a metro police officer, and a Department of Transportation worker have been killed by drivers failing to move over.

As of July 1, the fine for failing to do so is $500.

Metro officer Russell Ward has worked in Nashville for almost 5 years and says he has seen his share of close calls on the highway.

“The best way, you know, to get someone’s attention is to kick them in the checkbook, you know what it boils down to with the fines going up, it makes people more apt to realize ‘hey I can be fined $500 if I don’t move over,’ and they’re thinking I may be fined $500, but I’m thinking, you know, it may save my life.”

So far this year, the Tennessee highway patrol has handed out 1,800 citations to violators of the “Move Over” law.

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