HD Radio LogoNashville Public Radio has embraced the biggest advance to local radio since the invention of FM: HD radio.

HD Radio is an innovation in free local radio that will eventually replace FM radio. Each existing FM station in the U.S. may broadcast up to three additional HD signals, “alongside” their analog signal.

You need to buy a new HD-capable radio to receive the HD signals, but HD radios pick up FM and AM stations, too. A variety of HD radios are available with different features and prices, for home and car use, with prices starting below $100. Examples of different HD Radio models may be found here.

HD Radio has nothing to do with satellite radio. You must be able to receive a strong signal from WPLN-FM 90.3 signal to hear our HD channels. However, all three HD channels may be heard using an internet radio or by streaming from our web site. Try it here.

What’s on WPLN’s HD Channels?

  • WPLN-HD1 is a digital version of our analog signal, WPLN-FM 90.3.
  • WPLN-HD2 is a second channel of public radio news and talk featuring BBC World News, plus programs like The Story and Bob Edwards Weekend.

Our entire program lineup is here.

If you have any questions about HD Radio, please call or e-mail us. We see this as an exciting opportunity to improve and augment our service, giving you more reasons to listen to Nashville Public Radio.

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